Help Support The ComputerWise Fan Forum

ComputerWiseForum is a free community-supported website that strives to help home users with their daily computer and technology related questions and problems, especially when funds prohibit them from seeking help from paid sources.  All of the forum members and administrators freely donate their time and effort towards keeping this noteworthy cause free of charge for the public.  In the best interest of our members, we try to keep this site free of any advertisements and we do your best to protect all of your private information.

However, there are actual costs involved with the operation of this site. The hosting and administration fees (charged by the hosting company) come to about $140 per year thus far, and this may increase as the years go by.  Now this might not sound like much to some, but it can be quite expensive for any single individual to cover. Since this forum benefits the community, we ask our community members to please help us in covering these expenses.

Please remember that PayPal does take out a portion of every donation to cover “transaction costs.”  We cannot refund donations!  You are not required to donate, so only give what you are willing and able to provide.  If donations allow us to purchase multiple years in advance, we will receive these at a lower cost.  If this occurs, we will not seek further donations until our subscription is nearing its end.

Donations of any amount are welcome and we greatly appreciate those who contributed to our effort.